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Fall Alerting

Infection Control, Cardiac and Medication Monitoring, and Telecare.

Infection Control

The Intelligent Hygiene (iH) system for hand-hygiene monitoring modified to suit the needs of the UK market…


Developing an Atrial Fibrillation (AF) monitoring device, based on the latest micro-electronics and wireless-engineering technology…

Medication Management

Addressing the serious national healthcare problem of errors in medication management, especially amongst the elderly…

Hydrate for Health

Solving patient hydration problems…

ProTekt anti-IED System

A radio frequency DL tool for identifying improvised explosive devices (IEDs)

Hydrate for Health

Patient care and recovery.

  • Users can drink unassisted thereby increasing independence
  • Correct hydration reduces the chance of an array of illnesses and reduces the possibility of infections

Professional care and efficiency savings

  • Saves labour intensive staff time
  • Accurate monitoring of fluid intake
  • Closed system stops spillage
  • If just 10% of the Nurses in the NHS saved 15 minutes per day the value of that in increased efficiency would be around £36m per year

hydrate for health

Cost savings

  • A well hydrated person is less likely to develop secondary problems thus reducing the need for additional drugs
  • Good hydration speeds recovery and so frees up beds more quickly offering potentially huge cost savings
  • A reduction of just half a day in hospital stays due to correct hydration would show a saving of around £250 per bed per week. With 175,000 beds in the NHS that equates to over £40m per week or OVER £2 BILLION PER YEAR!

This product is the subject of a collaborative agreement with Hydrate for Health: www.hydrateforhealth.co.uk.


Collaboration in progress with allied companies, universities and research organisations in UK, EU, USA, NZ, and ROK, with interest from several others.
Letter of support received from Barts & The London Hospital (BTL).
Partnership Agreement signed with well-established Medical Practice in Melbourne, Aust.


UK Government-sponsored SEHTA grant received, to develop cardiovascular technology with Surrey University.
Represented UK Healthcare Technology Industry at MTANZ medical technology annual conference in Auckland, NZ.