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Fall Alerting

Infection Control, Cardiac and Medication Monitoring, and Telecare.

Infection Control

The Intelligent Hygiene (iH) system for hand-hygiene monitoring modified to suit the needs of the UK market…


Developing an Atrial Fibrillation (AF) monitoring device, based on the latest micro-electronics and wireless-engineering technology…

Medication Management

Addressing the serious national healthcare problem of errors in medication management, especially amongst the elderly…

Hydrate for Health

Solving patient hydration problems…

ProTekt anti-IED System

A radio frequency DL tool for identifying improvised explosive devices (IEDs)

Innovative technology, saving lives, protecting citizens-at-risk, developing new systems.

PSL is a science and engineering-based company engaged in researchdevelopment and deployment of new technology which has many applications. Currently focused on the Healthcare Technology sector, PSL has a range of products and services addressing critical problems in Fall AlertingInfection ControlMedication ManagementCardiac Monitoring and Patient Hydration. The R&D programme is addressing other problem areas where new technology can provide solutions more effectively and at lower cost than traditional methods and systems. PSL healthcare technology devices will generate the data required by Health Authorities, to produce the analysis necessary for reducing currently unsustainable healthcare costs. In Defence and Security, the current Terrorist Threat is being addressed, specifically in the anti-mining field.

PSL works closely with Universities and Research Establishments, in both the public and private sector, in order to remain state-of-the-art and accelerate the progress of new ideas into the public arena, also to promote exports. Our highly qualified team is dedicated to the highest standards of customer service.


Collaboration in progress with allied companies, universities and research organisations in UK, EU, USA, NZ, and ROK, with interest from several others.
Letter of support received from Barts & The London Hospital (BTL).
Partnership Agreement signed with well-established Medical Practice in Melbourne, Aust.


UK Government-sponsored SEHTA grant received, to develop cardiovascular technology with Surrey University.
Represented UK Healthcare Technology Industry at MTANZ medical technology annual conference in Auckland, NZ.